Calmbirth Podcast Ep 22

#22 A conversation with Bashi Kumar-Hazard: The NSW Birth Trauma Inquiry – Part One

Bashi Kumar-Hazard is an Australian competition and consumer rights lawyer and the principal of B W Law, a legal practice established to support and assist women and children. She is also the chair of the international organisation Human Rights in Childbirth and works tirelessly to advocate for women’s rights and birthing people worldwide.

In this episode, Bashi and Karen discuss the outcome of the NSW Birth Trauma Inquiry and the recommendations handed down in the report. They cover some important and at times big, topics including stories of birth trauma. If you feel that you may be triggered in any way by listening to this episode, please feel free to move on to another episode of our podcast.

If you are someone who has experienced birth trauma there are amazing organisations that you can reach out to for support such as Beyond Blue, The Gidget Foundation, Panada, Cope and Lifeline.