The Golden Month

#15 The Golden Month

In Episode 15 of the Calmbirth Conversation Podcast, Calmbirth Director, Karen McClay talks to Dr Carla Brion & Nadia Parisi about the Golden Month – an in-home postpartum service they have created based on Traditional Chinese Medicine & Ayurvedic practices to nourish and nurture women in the postnatal period. 

Dr Carla Brion is a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncturist & Women’s Health Specialist while Nadia Parisi is a  Women’s Health Massage Therapist, Fertility, Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga Teacher, Holistic Pelvic Care Practitioner – two dynamic women who are here to break the mould, shake things up & bring women the care that they really need. It takes a village to hold the mother. “We want to  re-shape the postpartum care in our community, for our daughters & their daughters to come.”